About Remerge

Sustaining the future

Emerge Office is dedicated to operating a sustainable and ethical business, and is continually looking for new ways to put this practice into action. One way we do this is through our REMERGE program.

REMERGE ensures our products are always recycled in the most appropriate manner, limiting impact to the environment. This is a cost we absorb as a business and do not pass it on to our customers, as it is a core company value for Emerge Office. We are proud to say we recycle approximately 30 tonnes of product per year, rescuing this waste from landfill. We hope to see competitors and the wider business community follow suit with this approach.

Many recycled devices are given a second life by being restored and offered back for sale to the public at a fraction of the original retail price – up to 75 per cent. We invest our time to refurbish these models so they can continue to be useful for local community members for years to come. Additionally, local not-for-profits in Perth, Peel or South West can benefit from us pairing both REMERGE and COMMERGE services to provide assistance where it’s most needed.


The Trusted Name in Tech

Few technology companies can proudly say they formed their foundation when the humble fax was all the rage. Emerge Office hasn’t just kept up with the changing times, however. Our dynamic, reliable team has gone a step further by boldly looking to the future when developing innovative solutions. The result is a reputation as a market leader offering exceptional service, quality product lines and accessible support for countless businesses in WA and beyond. Trust us to cut through digital jargon and enhance operations with ease, no matter the scope or scale of your organisation.

Tonnes Recycled
Tonnes of Carbon Offset


Aligned partnerships

Emerge Office chooses to mindfully partner with other businesses and suppliers who share the same commitment to sustainability. REMERGE is our promise to take real action on addressing our environmental impact, and we look forward to see the ripple effect of change continue in the technology industry.


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